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All publications for the rubric Disinfection | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...)

Wasserreinigung mit Hilfe von Diamantelektrode: Demonstration des Abbaus von blauem Textilfarbstoff mit Diamantelektroden. © Fraunhofer IST / Water purification by means of diamond electrodes: Demonstration of the degradation of blue textile dye using diamond electrodes. © Fraunhofer IST Mobiler Ozongenerator auf Basis von Diamantelektroden zur Erzeugung ozonierten Wassers vor Ort. © Fraunhofer IST / Mobile ozone generator based on diamond electrodes for on-site production of ozonated water. © Fraunhofer IST
  • Disinfection | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...)

Energy-efficient, resource-saving and environmentally friendly: Pollutant reduction without the addition of chemicals

Whether in the production of food and medicines, in horticultural businesses, in hospitals, or in every private household - disinfection and the reduction of pollutants in water and on surfaces play an important role in many areas of application. The addition of chemicals should, however, be avoided…

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