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30 years Dastex � 30 years pure space authority

30 Jahre Dastex ? 30 Jahre Reinraumkompetenz
30 Jahre Dastex ? 30 Jahre Reinraumkompetenz
Since 1979 Dastex accompanies a large part of the rapid progress in this industry� and affects considerably also the one� or other part of the technological and innovative developments within the pure space range, in particular for� textile Reinraumbekleidung.Das enterprise became by Mr. Ingo Moschner, managing director of the Dastex pure space accessories GmbH & CO. Kg based, whose strategic adjustment it steers still considerably. From the first minute on, Dastex set a large emphasis into the continuous advancement� and optimization of the sensitive topic pure space clothing, around the clothing for users� to arrange as carry comfort friendly as possible, without losing thereby the technical necessities from the eyes. Today Dastex ranks among the most successful and prominent offerers of pure space clothing in Europe. The maxim of the enterprise is the meaningful and continuous extension of the delivery program, in order to ensure thus at any time the supply security of your customers on the current conditions of the clean-room technology. The product range contains pure space consumer goods, like gloves, beside the pure space clothing among other things also cloths, disinfectant, mats, shoes, paper, tapes u.v.m., which become fair the most different requirement profiles of the users. Also within this range Dastex ranks today among the prominent offerers in Europe. Consultation and training, research and development, as well as variable supply concepts and E-Commerce solutions round the modern appearance of the enterprise off. Even if presently/immediately in some areas of application the business development and the prospects appear to the clean-room technology very absorbed, then itself Dastex is surely, also in the next years as one of the prominent enterprises within the range supply of pure areas to actively also arrange the advancements in this special industry. Exactly the same, Dastex, like in the past also, will stand for its customer and supplier further as reliable partners to the side.�

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