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Das Speziallabel Pharma-Comb IL ermöglicht die sichere und dauerhafte Kennzeichnung der Unit-Dose Vials auch bei tiefen Temperaturen. Mithilfe des Sichtfensters kann die Flüssigkeit vor der Verabreichung überprüft werden. / The Pharma-Comb IL specialty label enables reliable and permanent marking of unit-dose vials even at low temperatures. By means of the inspection window the liquid can be checked before being administered. Die abnehmbaren Dokumentationsteile lassen sich mithilfe der Anfasslaschen komfortabel ablösen – für eine zuverlässige Dokumentation der klinischen Studie. / The removable documentation labels can be peeled off conveniently using tabs—for reliable documentation of the clinical trial.
  • Paper, Pens, Labels

Specialty Label with Removable Parts: Reliable at any Temperature

Schreiner MediPharm’s Pharma-Comb IL Label Supports Innovative Clinical Cancer Trial with Oncolytic Viruses

Various clinical trials are currently focused on investigating the systematic use of oncolytic viruses in cancer therapies. Shanghai Yuan Song Biotechnology is one of the companies engaged in this research. For its trial relating to innovative virotherapy, Schreiner MediPharm supplies the appropriat…

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