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In development of the techniques Friedrichs of the large one - chemical contamination (AMC/SMC)

Duesseldorf, 1 April 2008 -- when Friedrich the large one 1766 forbade the private trade and private roasting of coffee, it used Kaffeeschnueffler so mentioned, which should seek out prohibition offences for monitoring. It used thereby a biogenous sensor for seeking out a chemical contamination of air. During coffee smell as pleasant and rarely as disturbing, is it is felt in many ranges of the industry of all-highest importance, either determined or in addition, nearly all contamination in a process environment know and control. With ever more products it shows up that their manufacturing, handling and manufacturing in so-called controlled environments for quality improvements possible makes (e.g. with food), every now and then in addition, the production of a certain product at all only permitted (e.g. injection solutions, semiconductors).After the clean-room technology was concerned in its start time only with the control of particles, the next step is done into ever smaller dimensions with the transition to molecular contamination. While the international standard ISO 14644-8 arranges airborne molecular contamination (AMCs) in groups and families, VDI is concerned 2083 sheet 14 with the practical aspects, like the measurement and control, e.g. by avoidance or filtering. Publisher of the guideline VDI 2083 sheet 14 is the VDI society technical building equipment. The guideline is since 1 April 2008 at the price von 73,40 €im Download and 66.00 € in the dispatch (different prices by different Mehrwertsteuersaetze) beim Beuth publishing house in Berlin (Tel.: 030/26 01 - 22 60) available. The time for appeal ends on 30 September 2008. Further information (among other things the table of contents of the draft) and on-line order " or

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