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Reinraum T shirt � the new generation at function clothing

Reinraum-T-Shirts – die neue Generation an Funktionsbekleidung
Reinraum-T-Shirts – die neue Generation an Funktionsbekleidung
Dastex had set itself 2011 to the goal of extending the existing program within the range of clean-spacesuited intermediate clothing by a product group: T-shirts, which are carried under a pair of overalls or a smock, should be optimized in their functionality. So far were abrasion resistance, as small a weight per unit area and fast drying times as possible things in the foreground stood. The stretcher comfort was made firm primarily at the grasp of the material. A very light, soft fabric � Light Tech II � convinced in this connection carriers and responsible person equally and in such a way in many places introduction received. With the project � advancement of clean-spacesuited T-shirts � wanted to improve Dastex two further characteristics. On the one hand the passport form and on the other hand functionality within the range of antimicrobial effect. The latter - antimicrobial effect � is quite controversially discussed in the professional world regarding the employment in the pure area. In particular during the pure space clothing the entitled question quite arises whether the solutions existing so far at the market point the desired results out. During the clean-spacesuited intermediate clothing and primarily with the T-shirts it is valid here to change however the viewpoint easily. The antimicrobial effect can improve the stretcher comfort with the T-shirts altogether, by reducing typical smelling nuisances by welding formation, which settles then in synthetic materials particularly well, substantially. Over this function mode also the risk of an inadvertent germ by footstep by the pure space clothing is reduced is a positive side effect. Based on the Coolmax� and/or cool max of Fresh� materials developed Dastex together with the fiber manufacturer ADVANSA meanwhile to ready for the market one led material HT2. A Gestrick, still with the product properties � abrasion resistance �, which can be carried very pleasantly, � small weight per unit area � and � fast drying times � provide, now in addition, still additionally with functionality � antimicrobial effect supplements �. A further positive characteristic, back to lead on the special fiber technology of the Coolmax� of materials, is on the carrier the working� � refreshing function � the material HT2, like one it already from the Sportswear range� knows ago. Two further positive side effects, which showed up with the introduction of HT2, were to be optimized an improvement passport form of the T-shirts as well as the possibility the Design. Various stretcher attempts in most diverse areas of application of the clean-room technology confirmed these impressions throughout. The functionality of Reinraum T shirts and thus also the acceptance by the coworkers could be improved and the goal is it for 2012 the range clean-spacesuited intermediate clothing� to develop in the delivery program still further.

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