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New work bench edition of Kimberly Clark

Neue Werkbank-Auflage von Kimberly Clark
Neue Werkbank-Auflage von Kimberly Clark
The product row Kimtech Sciene is supplemented by the new work bench edition � Bench Top Protector �. With this very flat, slide-restraining and absorbent edition almost all demands, which are made against a modern laboratory, are fulfilled. With your intensified suction force of 450g/m � this edition differs from conventional editions. Liquids are rapidly up-sucked, whereby a special barrier function prevents a penetrating of numerous chemicals, like Acetone, acids, methanols, etc. The editions are both and role commodity, in each case 2 roles per VE, in the measures of 48,2cm x 635cm or also as single edition, 400 St per VE, in the size of 45.7 x 49.5 with dastex available.

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