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User oriented operating panel for pure area monitoring

Anwenderorientiertes Bedienpanel für Reinraum Monitoring
Anwenderorientiertes Bedienpanel für Reinraum Monitoring
Green - yellow-red, your decision on view with the use of Monitoringsystemen in pure areas are placed against the assigned sensors particularly high requirements. Beside the controlling construction and material defaults for the employment in sterile or ultrareiner environment signal function, compactness, as well as assembly and Servicefreundlichkeit are presupposed. The new pure space panel DE-RP2 von Elpro was developed from the experiences of many pure space installations and with the suggestions of good customers. The transmitters for pressure, temperature and humidity were built just like an alarm horn and their acknowledgement into a clean-spacefair high-grade steel front. The indicating instruments for the relevant sizes have a dominating background lighting in green (ok), yellow (warning) and red (alarm). The front-laterally changeable combination sensor for temperature and humidity and the calibration connection for differential pressure guarantee snap and economical maintenance cycles. Different variants with different indicator possibilities (e.g. only differential pressure or announcement of the particle concentration) are available. The CMS monitoring system of Elpro that itself by a system thinking and by the problem-free expandability particularly in the GMP range, conformal since over 20 years optimized Datenloggerkonzept, conceived for small and middle plants, the qualifyable software packages, by CFR21 and GAMP5� offers, by the new sensor panel for the pure space range one revalues noticeably.�

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