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The Group plans to invest around 70 million euros in a highly functional cleanroom facility. Construction will begin in 2022 – production to start in early 2025.

Jenoptik will more than double on-site production capacity for its micro-optics business in Dresden

The Jenoptik Group intends to build a state-of-the-art production building with office complex in Dresden. In total, the photonics group is planning to invest around 70 million euros in a cleanroom facility for micro-optics and sensors for semiconductor equipment. Jenoptik acquired a 24,000-square-m…

Für den Neubau von Fresenius Kabi USA, am Produktionsstandort Melrose Park, war Lindner für ca. 12.000 m² Reinräume verantwortlich. © / For the new Fresenius Kabi USA building at the Melrose Park production site, Lindner built 12,000 m² of clean rooms in classes C,D and CNC. © Speziell für dieses Projekt entwickelte Lindner die Slide Pharma 80, ein flächenbündiges Schiebetürsystem mit einem lichten Durchgangsmaß von bis zu 1.700 mm. © / Especially for this project Lindner developed the ‘Slide Pharma 80’, as a flush sliding door system with a clear passage dimension of up to 1,700 mm. © In den Personenschleusen finden sich individuell gefertigte Gaderoben aus HPL & Polycarbonat sowie reinraumgerechte Sitzmöbel und Abfallbehälter. © / In the personnel locks, there are individually manufactured gowning rooms made of HPL & Polycarbonat as well as cleanroom-compatible seating. © Die Türeinheiten Swing Pharma sind mit einem doppelgegenseitigen Verriegelungssystem ausgestattet. Zusätzlich zur Schließautomatik zeigt eine flächenbündig eingebaute LED-Leuchte den aktuellen Raumstatus an. © / The ‘Swing Pharma’ door units are equipped with an interlocking system. In addition to the automatic locking, a flush-mounted LED light shows the current room status. ©
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Lindner Clean Rooms realises cleanrooms in classes C, D and CNC for the Fresenius Kabi Melrose Park Expansion project in the U.S.

Creating the future of clean rooms

Since its entry in the U.S. market in 2008, the healthcare company Fresenius Kabi has grown to become a leading provider of generic injectable drugs. In the U.S., the company focuses on the development of generic pharmaceutical products, IV solutions and pumps, transfusion devices and cellular thera…

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