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Hydroflex Group GmbH
Cleanroom Hygiene
Kiesacker 19
35418 Buseck
Phone: +49 6408 50435-0
Fax: +49 6408 5043520


High performance for cleaner cleanrooms.

Specialized cleaning solutions engineered in Germany.

Hydroflex is a leading supplier and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems. Our specialized product solutions for manual cleaning and disinfection help control and eliminate particles and germs in cleanrooms every day – in over 50 countries worldwide. Under our established product brands PurMop® and PurWipe® we develop and distribute certified mopping systems and wipes for all applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Thanks to our ongoing innovation and product development, a clear focus on comprehensive service and our certified quality management system, renowned companies from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Microelectronics, Optics and many more rely on us. With our worldwide distribution network, established production sites and expert knowledge in cleanroom hygiene we are ready to support you.

Business segments

  • Clothing & Consumables: Overall, Gloves, Bonnets, Shoes, Boots, Overcoats, Accessories
  • Hygiene & Cleaning: Disinfection | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...), Cleaning | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...)
  • Service: Consulting


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