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Clean Blue Air with DMSterile

Germ-free and virus-free mould dehumidification with DMSterile - Programme expansion for aseptic production

Clean Blue Air with DMSterile Germ and virus-free Production Aseptic production

For food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, sterilising the production areas is a common practice. When producing packaging for the same manufacturers, there is additional demand for sterile and low-particle plastic production. Blue Air Systems has developed a new product for this sector: the proven DMS (Dry Mould System) dehumidifiers are now available in the germ and virus-free version, DMSterile.

DMSterile directly generates a germ and virus-free atmosphere during mould dehumidification. The end products, such as pharmaceutical containers, PET preforms or sealing caps, come into contact exclusively with sterile air during production within the partitioning.

Advantages of germ and virus-free production

Micro-organisms thrive where moisture and heat are present. Both conditions are often found in production halls. In addition, outdated or irregularly maintained filters of air conditioning systems, ventilation systems and even production machines facilitate the multiplication of germs and viruses. Aseptic production with DMSterile ensures an optimum environment for manufacturing plastic products and avoids costly after-care.

Aseptic dehumidification with Clean Blue Air

Aseptic dehumidification with the Clean Blue Air system provides sterile air quality without any micro-organisms in the production process. Together with the existing dehumidification technology, DMSterile improves the quality of the end product. With DMS dehumidification, the energy requirement of the production process is reduced by up to 80% due to the known energy savings, while increasing the quality level and output.

The manufacturer Blue Air Systems provides further information and the opportunity to make a configuration query based on the desired process air volumes at clean@blue-air.at.

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