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Innovative micro-infusion pump from Gerresheimer subsidiary Sensile Medical for EVER Pharma

Developed specially by Sensile Medical for EVER Pharma under the brand name D-mine®, this wear-able micro-infusion pump has already been launched in several Eu-ropean countries. The compact, patient-friendly infusion pump is used for the continuous subcutaneous administration of drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease. The first micro pump from Gerresheimer subsidiary Sensile Medical to be available on the market, it gives Parkinson’s patients greater independence in their day-to-day lives.

The D-mine® pump is used to administer apomorphine in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s treatment. Simple handling, safety, and ease of use were the main aims be-hind the development. The compact design is down to Sensile Medical’s special micro-rotation pump technology and is straightforward to use thanks to an intuitive menu interface.

Parkinson’s patients often have difficulty moving and ap-preciate the pump’s ease of use, such as the automatic dosing function, the lack of complicated flow rate calculations, and the intuitive menu system. Its integrated choice of languages and the full-text display on its color screen make it easier to learn the ropes, while modern technologies such as data storage and individually adjustable basal rates support better treatment management. The D-mine® pump comes with a specially designed charging station and does not need any conventional batteries.

With its brand of the Parkinson’s drug apomorphine and its own medical product, EVER Pharma now offers a comprehensive treatment package.

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