Choosing the appropriate mop for cleaning and disinfecting in controlled environments

Selecting the right mop for contamination


Selecting the right mop for contamination control and cleaning efficiency is no easy task. The choice of mop head can be crucial to a successful cleaning process in any controlled environment. With more options available than ever it can be an overwhelming decision to make, especially when not aware of the advantages each mop contains. We’ll make it easier to decide with the information provided in this article.

Cleanroom mops incorporate specialized fabrics to promote economical and consistent cleaning methods, leaving behind the least amount of residual contaminants. Mop heads are one of the most fundamental tools used to maintain ISO class or cGMP levels. A poor choice in mop head will compromise the results of bio-decontamination procedures. Critical areas will not be cleaned effectively and unduly high levels of microbial contamination will remain present.

Although commonly confused as the same action, cleaning and disinfecting are not exactly alike. Cleaning requires the use of a detergent to remove dirt and debris and must come before disinfection. The application of a disinfectant after cleaning serves as a disinfection procedure. Disinfecting controlled environments requires specialized mop heads to inhibit the growth of additional bacteria, contaminants or residues.

Ideally any mop used in a cleanroom environment will not add to contamination while performing the removal of dust particles and bioburdens. The most proficient cleanroom mops feature high-quality fabrics and woven or double-knit polyester fabric with minimal shedding and high degrees of strength.

Effective cleaning and overall contamination control is key to a functional and productive cleanroom. Cleanroom mops should arrive clean and leave dirty. Innovations in textile have aided in creating mops that are ideal for picking up particles and retaining them until the mop is removed. Selecting the correct mop for cleaning and disinfecting can determine whether a cleanroom meets required standards of cleanliness or not.

The following report details commonly used mops to assist in your selection of the appropriate mop for cleaning and disinfecting in controlled environments.

Flat Mops:

Efficient and versatile because they can be used on floors, walls, and ceilings. Flat mops are particularly suited for cleanroom cleaning because they provide thorough coverage and encourage proper technique.

TruCLEAN offers flat mops in a variety of materials, including polyester, yarn, polyurethane foam, and microfiber. The following cleanroom mops have been endorsed by cleaning professionals worldwide:

TruCLEAN Microfiber Mop

Small-loop microfiber provides exceptional results in removing liquids, residue, and other contaminants. TruCLE AN microfiber mops contain split-thread fibers made of polyester and polyamide combined. Split filament microfiber creates microscopic hooks that collect and hold dust particles more effectively than rounded fibers like cotton.

Split structure effective when used wet or dry, cleans mechanically by scraping the surface with microscopic fibers. Also, microfiber exerts a positive electrostatic charge and therefore attracts negatively charged dirt.


- High absorption capacity
- Mop-to-dry performance on wet surfaces
- Reduce chemical and water usage
- Easily removes residue, often without solvent
- Lightweight, Increased productivity
- Reusable, withstands repetitive laundering or autoclaving

TruCLEAN Sponge Mop

Manufactured with a specially formulated grade of polyurethane foam, ideal for applying cleaning and disinfecting solutions to floors, walls, and ceilings. Designed specifically for use in cleanroom environments with ultra-low particulate level requirements. Conforms to irregular surfaces, ensuring a uniform application of disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Exceptional surface coherence.


- Heat-sealed edge reduces risk of contamination
- Low-profile, easily cleans under equipment
- Thick-bodied, protects delicate surfaces
- Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
- Utilize mop cover, extend use and reduce costs
- Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization

TruCLEAN Sponge Mop with Fused Cover

Unique 2-in-1 product combines the TruCLE AN Sponge Mop and Mop Cover into one effective instrument. Polyester covered polyurethane foam core creates a highly absorbent mop, with highquality fabric contacting the surface. Improve results of cleaning and disinfecting procedures without compromising particulate levels.


- High fluid retention properties reduce frequency of replenishment
- Excellent surface coherence
- Enhanced cleaning performance
- Low-profile, easily cleans under equipment
- Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization

TruCLEAN Mop Frame

Clean or disinfect a 16” x 5” area in a single pass. Low profiled mop frame for easy cleaning under equipment or other hard to reach areas. Exclusive swivel joint allows mop frame to be easily maneuvered over floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards, and confined areas such as corners or stairs. Accurately balanced to deliver continual surface contact at any angle, permits mopping in an “S” motion. Swivel joint locks into position, allowing maximum contact pressure.


- Compatible with all TruCLE AN Mops
- Ergonomic design promotes good technique
- Quick-squeeze, frame-locking design allows for easy replacement of mop heads
- Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization
- Suitable for use in high grade cleanrooms


Assuring that required standards of cleanliness are achieved by using the appropriate mops can be a challenging process. For this reason, Perfex Corporation offers vast experience as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality cleaning tools. Our TruCLE AN line of cleanroom mops and mopping systems will surely meet your precise requirements.

TruCLE AN product line is methodically designed for all healthcare, cleanroom, and food service applications. TruCLE AN mop heads can be laundered and autoclaved repeatedly, providing both best practice and cost-effective alternatives.


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