Wet chemistry users from all over the world meet up in the hometown of AP&S


On 4th April 2019, with as many participants as never before, the important industry event for international silicon technology started in the Donauhallen in Donaueschingen in the middle of the Black Forest.

The co-jointed event „11th European Wet Users Meeting und 40th European CMP Users Meeting“ is an annual high-level conference, which take place at changing locations. The event’s core focus lays on the surface treatment in the microchip production processes. Users Groups from China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States come together to listen specialist presentations about latest developments and challenges in the field of wet chemical processing and chemical-mechanical polishing of wafers (CMP).

The official organizer of the event is the German VDE / VDI Society for Microelectronics, Micro- and Precision Engineering in cooperation with zwickerconsult and Erzm-Technologies, organizational support has been provided by AP&S International GmbH this time.

“We really liked the idea to bring this event to Donaueschingen, therefore we have assured our full support to the main organizers. It's our hometown and we are familiar with this region: whether it was about to find a location for the conference, to organize hotels for participants or to organize an attractive evening program – everything worked great and was just fun,” said Sinja Weißmann, Sales Assistant at AP&S.

“We know very well, that the Black Forest is absolutely IN, but the exceptionally high number of registrations exceeded our expectations. Especially when you consider that previous venues were cities like Dublin (Ireland), Amsterdam (Holland), Berlin and Grenoble (France). We were therefore, all the more delighted to welcome the guests in Donaueschingen,” added Tobias Bausch, AP&S VP Sales & Marketing, “The agenda included a total of 17 exciting lectures. As an expert in wet chemical processes AP&S contributed two presentations too, which were: "Development and Qualification of Flow Dynamics for eless UBM" and "Impacts on Particle Qualification of Wet Process SC Equipment Prior to Delivery”. A varied addition was offered to the participants by the evening program, during which they could see some typical regional sights.”

AP&S International GmbH
78166 Donaueschingen