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Highest efficiency for fuel cells with MINK MH hydrogen recirculation blowers

Busch at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2024 in Hanover

The vacuum and overpressure experts from Busch will showcase the first TÜV-certified hydrogen recirculation blower for use in fuel cells at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE. This will take place from April 22 to 26 in Hanover, as part of the world’s most important industrial trade fair.

Busch has developed the right solution for the high demands of hydrogen fuel cells: the MINK MH.

MINK MH 0018 and MINK MH 0040 blowers are part of the MINK MH series, which has been designed for the reliable recirculation of hydrogen in fuel cells. These recirculation blowers are compact and powerful, making them ideal for direct integration into fuel cell systems. Their compact dimensions allow them to be used for a wide range of applications without requiring a lot of space.

Versatile use of MINK MH blowers in fuel cell technologies

Two MINK MH blowers, the MINK MH 0018 and the MINK MH 0040, will be presented at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE. Busch blowers are suitable for use in all applications where fuel cell systems are used today and where they will be used in the future (stationary, heavy-duty, marine, rail, aviation). Their compact dimensions make them suitable for direct integration into fuel cell systems. In larger systems, it is possible to run several blowers in parallel.

Reliable recirculation of hydrogen in fuel cells

MINK MH recirculation blowers have been specially designed for the recirculation of excess hydrogen in fuel cells. The blowers recirculate the hydrogen in a dry and contact-free process using claw compressor technology. Thanks to the blower's intelligent variable speed drive, the volume flow can be adapted to the actual H2 demand of the fuel cell, thereby achieving a high efficiency factor.

More than 500 exhibitors from the hydrogen and fuel cell industry will be presenting together from April 22 to 26 at the Hanover Trade Show, the world’s most important industrial trade show. Here, the latest technologies and solutions from various industries for the rapidly developing hydrogen economy in Europe will be presented.

Busch Vacuum Solutions
79689 Maulburg

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