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New Series of TOC/TNb analyzers for simplified laboratory workflows

With the multi N/C x300 series, Analytik Jena (, a leading global manufacturer of analytical laboratory measurement technology, is launching promising new TOC/TNb analyzers. With its robust user-friendly design, flexible automation options, and intuitive new software, the multi N/C x300 series provides easy-to-use, high-throughput, and cost-optimized instruments for environmental analysis and the pharmaceutical sector.

The new product series of TOC/TNb analyzers offers “TOCnology made for you”: robust, durable, and user-friendly hardware combined with intuitive software. The top priority during development was to give users more time for their core tasks and to significantly reduce the time spent on non-value-adding activities.

New intuitive and easy-to-use software, flexible automation options, and a user-friendly design significantly reduce the time and effort required for sample preparation, calibration, and maintenance. The multi N/C x300 series represents high sample throughput, durability, and low total cost of ownership, also making it an attractive financial prospect.

The new operating software, which displays live results, is a real highlight. It shows all the key information at a glance, enables intuitive workflows and offers pharma-compliant data integrity. An automatic Self Check System continuously monitors critical factors such as system tightness and oven temperature. As the samples are measured exclusively under optimal conditions, it is safe to operate the device unattended.

The TOC/TNb analyzers of the multi N/C x300 series are ideally suited to the environmental and pharmaceutical sectors. Whether the samples are liquid or solid, particle-rich wastewater, ultrapure water, drinking water, saline, acidic or alkaline, the multi N/C x300 analyzers deliver reliable results. Analytik Jena offers analytical devices that are perfectly matched to the special areas of application: From the compact and robust specialist for particle-rich samples and the allrounder optimized for standard environmental analysis with high throughput, to the ultra-precise UV digestion device for TOC trace analysis.

The new devices can be ordered with immediate effect, with the first deliveries leaving the factory on May 1, 2024.

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