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Perfect West-East task sharing

Gewichtsabnahme / Weight loss
Gewichtsabnahme / Weight loss
Kranbahn mit Reinraumhebezeug / Crane runway with cleanroom hoist
Kranbahn mit Reinraumhebezeug / Crane runway with cleanroom hoist
Reinraumkrananlage mit 4 to Traglast (1 von 2) / Clean room crane system with 4 to load capacity (1 of 2)
Reinraumkrananlage mit 4 to Traglast (1 von 2) / Clean room crane system with 4 to load capacity (1 of 2)

When distances are long and conditions are difficult, it can be extremely helpful to split the tasks to be completed between the project partners. When installing an ISO Class 6 cleanroom crane, however, this is not trivial. Nevertheless, this is exactly what worked out excellently in a remarkable cooperation between the eastern customer and the western supplier.

The very successful division of labor between the cleanroom crane specialist Altmann and a renowned company from the sterile packaging sector for pharmaceutical products in Eastern Europe deserves a mention despite all the sensitivities. Especially since the object was already completed in February 2022 to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Moreover, the manner in which it was handled is quite remarkable and could be exemplary for other industries in equally remote regions further west.

Best results achieved hand in hand

After all, we are talking here about two crane systems, each with a load capacity of 4 tons, a length of 40 meters and a span of 4.60 meters. Nothing small, then. First of all, therefore, Altmann GmbH from Albaching in Bavaria designed, manufactured and supplied all the necessary parts according to its own calculations. In the first step of the tasksharing, the crane runway and supports were then assembled by the customer on site with the corresponding assembly instructions. Certain adjustments were necessary in detail to guarantee the performance data, but in the end everything worked out perfectly. The substructure was in place and met all requirements.

Then it was time to assemble the crane bridges, which were to be used on the installed crane runway. Their performance data with a speed of 2 to 30 meters per minute, a hoisting speed of 0.5 to 4 meters per minute, a cross travel speed of 0.7 to 10 meters per minute - all frequency-controlled - are challenging either.

Exemplary because it saves costs and resources

For the final assembly and commissioning of the actual cranes on the substructure, two Altmann assembling engineers traveled to the customer for three days. The cooperation worked "like clockwork", not least thanks to a good command of English and a very high level of expertise on both sides. The hospitality with which the ALTMANN fitters were received is also particularly worthy of mention. According to Achim Altmann, one of the two company bosses, who was personally on site during the final phase, the subsequent acceptance of the plant and the required certification also went "perfectly". He praises "the very well functioning division of tasks in partnership", which in his estimation brought "great cost savings, an immense time advantage and, despite the obstacles to be overcome, a perfect result".

In sum, it can probably be said that a division of labor like the one used in this project brings immense advantages, especially when working with remote customers. However, the requirements on the customer side should not be underestimated. But if the competence is present in both project partners, nothing stands in the way of the success of such a "remote relationship" in the opinion of the Altmann management.

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