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Softwall cleanroom for PCR test filling line

– Year: 2022
– Industry:  Healthcare
– Type: Softwall
– Class: 6
– Size: 45m²
– Filtration: HEPA

Contract filling specialists, Erkol Fill, has introduced a new automated PCR test filling line. To protect the integrity of the diagnostics components and support its ISO 13485:2016 certification plans, the company appointed Connect 2 Cleanrooms BV to design and build an ISO 14644-1:2015 class 6 cleanroom at its manufacturing site in Solingen, Germany.

This softwall cleanroom features a main area of 45m², with goods in and change areas. In the main area, 18 HEPA fan filter units are ceiling mounted to create a space that operates to particle counts according to ISO class 6.  Erkol Fill had an existing C2C cleanroom that was being superceded by the new installation. To extend the original investment, some components were re-used in the new design. The cleanroom installation followed the decommissioning of the original cleanroom, the installation of a new mezzanine, then the filling line installation. The project plan and high levels of communication helped the project to run smoothly through each of these stages.

Erkol Fill’s customers appreciate the hygienically clean bottling line. The design is space-saving and functional as it creates a designated filling space in the large hall. The softwall construction meant that the cleanroom could easily be installed over the filling line machinery, which remains accessible for any maintenance that may be required.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms
Riverside House, Forge Lane
LA2 6RH Halton, Lancashire
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1524 813022
Fax: +44 1524 811589

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