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One for all: Flexible transport in cleanrooms

For several years, transport automation in the cleanroom has been an essential approach to increasing productivity. Various systems are used to replace manual transport activities by operators. One is ceiling-mounted OHT shuttle systems, ground-based AMR or conveyor networks.

In the semiconductor industry, depending on the diameter of the wafers produced, there are different transport containers into which several wafers (so-called hordes) are inserted. While OHT systems are for the most part only available for 300 mm FOUP, AMR and Conveyor can often also be used for smaller wafer diameters and cassette types.

Especially when it comes to very high throughputs, however, AMRs very quickly reach the limits of their performance. In this case, conveyor systems can ensure high throughputs despite a very simple operating principle.

The Schiller Cleanroom Transport System offers high-availability in a high-performance solution for intralogistics in modern semiconductor factories - the core is the Cleanroom Conveyor System.

With its latest further development of this Cleanroom Conveyor, Schiller has created a system that can now be used even more flexibly and is oriented towards the needs of customers. In addition to the 300 mm Conveyor, which has been in the portfolio up to now, further cassette types (150 mm OC, 200 mm OC, HA 200) can also be transported with the further development. If required, all container types can also be transported on the same conveyor line. This mixed operation is often necessary if, for example, the diameter produced is to be increased in the foreseeable future or if different products run over the same production lines.

The new conveyor technology also features the proven magnetic coupling for contactless and thus frictionless power transmission (no belts or moving parts), as well as two drive trains per element so that all rollers are driven. All the advantages in terms of ease of maintenance and simple installation, such as quick access to all the main conveyor elements (access from above/below) and quick replacement of the drive rollers (quick-change), are also retained in the further development.

Cleanroom Conveyors from Schiller are used in cleanrooms up to ISO Class 3.

Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
Donau-Gewerbepark 30
94486 Osterhofen
Phone: +49 9932 95040
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