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Roland Durner

MBV LTD and MERCK KGAA renew Global Distribution Agreement for Market-Leading Microbial Air Monitoring Instruments

MAS-100 microbial air sampler ( © MBV)
MAS-100 microbial air sampler ( © MBV)
Merck KGaA  ( © MBV)
Merck KGaA ( © MBV)

MBV Ltd announces the renewal of its cooperation with Merck KGaA for the next five years. The two companies have been a strong partnership for many years. The leading technology of the MAS-100® air samplers developed and manufactured by MBV Ltd and the global network of Merck KGaA is uniquely placed to meet the challenging needs of customers worldwide in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical device and cosmetics industries.

The distribution and service agreement is regulated as follows:
-    Merck KGaA is the exclusive distributor outside Switzerland for the MAS-100 range of portable air samplers manufactured by MBV Ltd in the abovementioned industries.
-    Merck KGaA will also continue to offer air monitoring systems for isolators and RABS on a non-exclusive basis.
-    Service and support during the entire product life cycle of MAS-100 systems will continue to be provided jointly by Merck KGaA (globally) and MBV Ltd (mainly focused on Europe).

Two leading experts, one partnership

MAS-100 air samplers are the world's leading microbial air monitoring systems, offering outstanding accuracy and safety. MBV Ltd has specialised in the development and production of these precision devices. The MBV Ltd and MERCK KGaA partnership complements Swiss precision engineering of the MAS-100 device with 350 years of expertise and knowledge in the life sciences by MERCK KGaA. This partnership ensures continued access to high-precision measuring instruments, technical expertise, and services worldwide.

“Through this partnership with a global leader in environmental monitoring solutions, users of the MAS-100 products will receive value beyond the product itself,” noted Ronny Zingre, CEO, MBV. “The feedback collected from a global customer base by a Merck application specialist also boosts our ongoing innovation capability.”


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