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New member of the Executive Board and establishment of new jobs

Norbert Schorpp
Norbert Schorpp

MBV grows and expands its Executive Board by Norbert Schorpp. As a new member of the Executive Board, Norbert Schorpp will take over full responsibility for the internal value chain as Chief Operating Officer (COO). As a proven expert with many years of management experience, Norbert Schorpp has the ideal qualifications to take an active part in the continuous development of MBV towards our customers.

Norbert Schorpp joins the Executive Board of MBV with immediate effect as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He is already over 10 years Managing Director of the sister and production company Femron. His mandate as Managing Director at Femron remains unchanged in addi-tion to his new function at MBV. Femron specializes in the precise manufacture of metal parts for products in the cleanroom and medical technology industry. One main product is the MAS-100 viable air sampler from MBV, for which Femron produces most of the parts and assembles the high-precision, high-quality monitoring instruments.

With Norbert Schorpp joining the Executive Board of MBV, the two sister companies are growing even closer together. Due to his many years of experience at Femron, Norbert Schorpp is very familiar with the MAS-100 product line and brings valuable additional expe-rience in the field of environmental monitoring. In his new dual function, he is responsible for the entire internal value chain. MBV is thus taking a further important step towards an even more efficient and effective process for the benefit of its demanding customers.

In addition to the growth in the Executive Board with Norbert Schorpp, MBV continues to expand and establishes multiple new jobs in corporate and product development.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Board are very pleased with the positive dynam-ics and the growth in MBV as well as the forthcoming collaboration with Norbert Schorpp in his new function.


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