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MBV AG introduces MAS-100 Regulus digital anemometer for calibration of MAS-100 microbial air samplers

MBV AG, the global market leader in impaction-based active air monitoring solutions, launches the MAS-100 Regulus® digital anemometer. The MAS-100 Regulus is successor to the DA-100 NT® and replaces it as the worldwide standard for the compliant calibration and adjustment of the air flow of MAS-100 microbial air samplers.

The digital anemometer MAS-100 Regulus impresses with its outstanding precision, robustness and ergonomic design. It is certified in MBV’s own ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory and enables users and service departments of MAS-100 air samplers to calibrate and adjust instruments independently.

MAS-100 air samplers are engineered and manufactured to the most exacting standards. The air flow of the instruments must be verified regularly to ensure compliant operation. This is because the air flow defines the impaction velocity of the airborne particles into the agar surface and thus significantly influences the collection efficiency of a microbial air sampler.

With the new digital anemometer MAS-100 Regulus this regular verification can be done even faster, more conveniently and precisely. Compensated for ambient temperature and pressure, the MAS-100 Regulus calibrates and adjusts fully automatically and displays highly precise values for air volume flow and air mass flow (standard liters per minute, SLPM). For complete traceability of air sampling data to international standards the MAS-100 Regulus comes with a calibration certificate issued by MBVs own calibration laboratory accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard by the Swiss Accreditation Service.

The MAS-100 Regulus has been designed for intensive use. The instrument is specified for hundreds of calibrations, manufactured from robust anodized aluminum and protected by a sturdy case for transportation. Additional innovative safety features such as an accelleration sensor that warns of impacts and an impeller self-check for the ball bearing make this the ideal instrument for calibrating air samplers on site.

The MAS-100 Regulus is compatible with all MAS-100 air samplers for isolators and RABS as well as all portable instruments except those for compressed gases. With its calibration air flow range from 50 – 200 L/min it is future proof and will be compatible with suitable upcoming microbal air samplers of MBV. All required cables and accessories necessary for automatic calibration are part of the delivery scope.

Certified service providers and customers who wish to calibrate their MAS-100 air samplers independently have the most important tool at hand with the MAS-100 Regulus to ensure constant measurement reliability. MBV itself employs the MAS-100 Regulus in instrument production for initial calibration and in the service center for air sampler recalibration.

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