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Strategy commission established for Cleanzone

International, innovative and interdisciplinary with a practical focus: Commission identifies Cleanzone's major strengths

Copyright: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH
Copyright: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Cleanzone 2017 focuses on digitisation

Messe Frankfurt has established a strategy commission for Cleanzone, to which the following individuals have been appointed: Dr. Jürgen Blattner, BSR Ingenieurbüro, Frank Duvernell, profi-con, Joachim Ludwig, Colandis, Michael Müller, vali.sys, Josef Ortner, Ortner Reinraumtechnik, Thorsten Schmitt, Siemens and Markus Thamm,

Johannes Schmid-Wiedersheim, Head of Brand Management for Cleanzone, explains the reasons behind this move: “For a trade fair to grow and prosper, it has to interact and work closely with the industry and maintain a dialogue. That is why we established this strategy commission, to ensure that we could rely on professional advice for determining the direction and topical focus of the trade fair.”

The commission met for the first time in March, and it emphasised the fact that Cleanzone, as an international, innovative and interdisciplinary event with a practical focus, is tremendously important to the industry. The commission considered the economic situation of manufacturers of cleanroom technology to be very positive overall, stating that the cleanroom market was one of the world's fastest growing sectors, although it also identified a number of challenges. Josef Ortner, Ortner Reinraumtechnik, described these as follows: “In coming years, four core elements of cleanroom technology – security, flexibility, information and energy – will be undergoing change across various sectors, with each of these elements playing a major role in driving the development and deployment of services and technology. All processes and activities will be characterised by fundamentally new concepts employing seamlessly networked approaches.” Shorter construction phases, lower costs, faster reaction times and a more intelligent use of data within processes are among the concrete results that he identified for these rapid changes. 

The commission’s deliberations also resulted in suggestions for the top themes for Cleanzone. In addition to space exploration as a driver of innovation in the field of cleanroom technology, Cleanzone 2017 will also be focusing on digital and smart solutions. These include automation and robot technology, as well as networking measurement equipment and the resulting data. Furthermore, the ability to flexibly adapt cleanrooms to new production will be increasingly important, including the rapid integration of new machinery and configuration of production facilities to suit the latest requirements. Digital solutions are also important when it comes to increasing energy efficiency, which is another key theme at Cleanzone 2017. The simulation of airflows is growing ever more important, as this makes it possible to achieve greater planning certainty. Visitors will be able to obtain more information on these pressing issues on the Cleanzone website under “Top themes”, as well as at the trade fair on 17 and 18 October 2017 from exhibitors and as part of the extensive supporting programme.

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