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Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH
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Validated cleaning and disinfection systems for cleanrooms

Pfennig Reinigungstechnik has been one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment for professional building cleaning for over 47 years. For over 22 years, we have also been developing, producing and selling manual cleaning and disinfection systems for effective contamination control in sterile- and cleanrooms. To this end, we use our pioneering spirit, development lead and many years of specialist knowledge to develop outstanding cleaning equipment.

Our aim is to provide application-oriented solutions that guarantee hygienic safety and efficiency. The Fraunhofer Institute checks and confirms the reproducibility and verifiability of the results of selected systems and products on a regular basis. Our own quality standards, we secure in defined internal processes, which are tested according to DIN ISO 9001.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. As a family-owned company that benefits from short decision-making processes, we can offer you absolute flexibility. Each requirement leads to an individual created solution by our in-house development department within the shortest possible time.

Intuitive, safe, ergonomic

We at PPS love and live the idea of a coherent system. Our products are manufactured according to the latest Hygienic Design recommendations from cleanroom suitable materials. In combination with textiles certified for the use in cleanrooms and intuitive operation, it creates innovative, cleanroom-compatible and validated solutions. In 1999, we developed the Clino CR trolley including King GMP Mop, which was the first cleaning system for cleanrooms certified by the Fraunhofer IPA. Responding to the increased demand for cleaning and disinfection systems suitable for cleanrooms, this system was the answer. With the EasyMop GMP pre-preparation system (2014) and the MopFloat GMP mop impregnation system (2015), we presented cleaning systems that set standards in cleanroom cleaning and redefined the term reproducibility. With MopScoop GMP (2019), we now developed the overall solution for all challenges in disinfection and hygiene in cleanrooms. Users have no longer to worry about issues such as shelf life, change of active agents and safety. We have eliminated all risk factors and developed a system that largely avoids operating errors. Based on the MopScoop dosing system, MopScoop PROTECT (2020) is the first completely closed process for cleaning and disinfecting cleanrooms. The optimal interaction of the matching components creates a self-contained process that practically eliminates contamination carryover due to its self-explanatory operation.

Business segments

  • Clothing & Consumables: Accessories
  • Hygiene & Cleaning: Disinfection | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...), Cleaning | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...)


  • Jürgen Lederer
    Sales and Export Manager - Reinraum
    T +49 (0) 160 272 17 78


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