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eNeG Gesellschaft für wirtschaftlichen Energieeinsatz mbH
Försterweg 144-146
22525 Hamburg
Phone: 040 54776732
Fax: 040 545610


Building automation and monitoring for GMP-relevant plants

eNeG GmbH is an energy and automation technology company with more than 120 employees. For more than 15 years, eNeG has been offering comprehensive automation solutions throughout Germany, especially for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries.

Building automation
Planning and realization of automation systems for control, regulation and monitoring of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as well as refrigeration, heating and other systems of technical building equipment.

Monitoring systems
GMP-compliant monitoring of measurement data in clean rooms, laboratories and storage facilities. Associated with this is the initial calibration and re-calibration of measuring points. Our own monitoring system is scalable according to the number of measuring points and fulfills the relevant requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, whereby the user interfaces are easy and intuitive to operate and can be adapted to individual customer needs.

Airlock control system
Individual and modularly expandable airlock control for clean rooms for personal or product protection. If required, with integrated emergency functions and visualization via a building management system or a GMP monitoring system.

Measurement and calibration service
In the service area, we have an extensive stock of regularly DKD-calibrated measuring and calibration equipment for the maintenance and servicing of your plants and systems.

Business segments

  • Building technology: Air, Control engineering
  • Monitoring & Measurement: Systems, Devices, Applications, Particles, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
  • Service: GMP, Measurement, Calibration, Visualisation, Maintenance, Upkeep
  • Commissioning: Qualification



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