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A. Greitner Gebäudereinigung + Service GmbH
Peter-Anders-Straße 5
81245 München
Phone: +49 89 71095-100
Fax: +49 89 71095-150


The Greitner company is a Munich-based owner-managed family business.

With more than 900 employees, we are allowed to prove our quality promise nationally every day. With approx. 800 customers, we offer a diverse range of services with our core business, building cleaning.

Likewise we can prove ourselves daily in the range of the pure area cleaning in (semiconductor and Pharmaindustrie (GMP relevant)). We cover the entire range of services in infrastructural facility management. We develop customized solutions for our customers in the context of facility management.

We see ourselves as a partner of the customer and can offer individual solutions for the customer due to our compact family business structure.

Fast response time, direct line to a competent contact person and a distinctive quality consciousness distinguish us.

Business segments

  • Buildings & Rooms: Sauberraum
  • Furnishing & equipment: Flow box, Workplace, Transport
  • Room, work & office material: Mats, Adhesive tape
  • Clothing & Consumables: PSA, Overall, Smock, Gloves, Bonnets, Mouthguard, Goggles, Shoes, Boots, Overcoats, Accessories
  • Hygiene & Cleaning: Disinfection | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...), Cleaning | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...), Technical cleanliness
  • Service: Upkeep
  • Production & Procedure: Personnel, Shipping, Waste disposal


Pharmaceutical industry / biotechnology, Chemical industry, Healthcare, Food / Cosmetics, Surface and plastics technology, Microelectronics / Microsystems Technology, Optics / Laser Technology, Aerospace technology, Automotive industry / electromobility, Research & Development


  • Holger Kunze
    Key Account
    Telefon: 0351 476989-40
    Mobil: 0172 8295–116


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