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Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
Donau-Gewerbepark 30
94486 Osterhofen
Phone: +49 9932 95040
Fax: +49 9932 9504900


Cleanroom solutions

Schiller offers innovative automation solutions for industry. Under the umbrella of the SCIO Automation Group, together with our partners and over 1000 employees, we have been able to offer even better service and support involving automation technology.

For more than 10 years, Schiller has also specialised in providing custom tailored and complete solutions for efficient cleanroom intralogistics and particle-reduced warehouse storage, mainly in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Based on numerous years of experience, thorough knowledge of the industry and results-based innovative power, we create pioneering solutions with maximum customer benefit with a high degree of operating reliability. This applies especially when the implementation of a unique, project-specific profile of requirements is involved.

Schiller supplies stockers and transport systems for 200 mm and 300 mm carriers, as well as for customised load carriers and products. Schiller's products can be combined to form systems of any size and can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments. In this way, Schiller creates open and flexible cleanroom solutions that can grow with the customer‘s needs.

All Schiller cleanroom solutions are pre-assembled and tested at our headquarters in Osterhofen, Germany inside our own 300 m2 in-house fabrication cleanroom with the latest aeration and filter technology and an upstream airlock.

We Offer:

- Warehouse systems
- Transfer stations
- Transport systems
- Software and Quality Assurance


Business segments

  • Production & Procedure: Automation, Robot, Transfer systems, Storage technology


Pharmaceutical industry / biotechnology, Microelectronics / Microsystems Technology, Automotive industry / electromobility


  • Markus Friedl
    Technischer Vertrieb
    T +49 9932 9504 188


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