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ALBIAN Group - 4cm
Dr. Diaz Emparanza, 39A
48002 Bilbao (Vizcaya)
Telefon: +34 944 424800
eMail: marketing@albian.es


At Albian Group we design, produce and set up a wide variety of solutions for Clean Rooms. Our more than 35 years expertise, together with the ability to be innovative and our team’s skills, make us experts in contamination-controlled areas. Albian Group is formed by more than 150 professionals specialized in the subject of technologies for Clean Rooms.
We incorporate cutting-edge technologies and offer the highest quality services for the following industries: Pharma, Food, Biotechnologies, R+D and Life Sciences, Healthcare, etc.

Established in 1987 as Ingeclima, the business grew up thanks to a future view until it turned into the recognized company of today, formed by the fellows Ad-Tech, Clean Room Concept, Q-Door, Validatec and Asisteclima.

Company Type:Engineering and building for Clean Rooms, manufacturing of disinfection and material-transfer equipment, validation and consultancy services, support and maintenance for installations.

Our activity is divided between 3 lines of business, according to the requirements of each project and the specific needs from the client:
Clean Room: Complete engineering for Clean Rooms and critical areas. Design, production and installation of turn-key projects and solutions.
Equipment: Own manufacturing of machinery and distribution of equipment for disinfection, sterilization and decontamination processes. Supply of enclosures, panels, lighting, windows and furniture for controlled areas.
Services: Support and maintenance for installations. Validation and qualification consultancy.


  • Gebäude & Räume: Planung, Türen / Tore, Decken, Wände, Licht, Schleusen, Luftduschen, Schlüsselfertig, Modulare Räume, Kabinen, Minienvironment
  • Einrichtung & Ausstattung: Durchreichen, Möbel
  • Hygiene & Reinigung: Desinfektion | Verfahren, Geräte, Mittel, Medien (Tücher, Swaps,...)
  • Dienstleistung: Beratung, GMP, Laminar Flow
  • Inbetriebnahme: Qualifizierung, Validierung, Zertifizierung
  • Produktion & Ablauf: Werkbank, Transfersysteme


Pharmazeutische Industrie / Biotechnologie, Healthcare, Lebensmittel / Kosmetik, Mikroelektronik / Mikrosystemtechnik, Optik / Lasertechnologie, Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, Automobilindustrie / Elektromobilität


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