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PK-Kältetechnik GmbH
Gewerbepark Brand 40
91729 Haundorf
Phone: +49 9837-97695-0
Fax: +49 9837-97695-50


PK-Kältetechnik GmbH is a German Clean- and Dry room manufacturer.

It's our mission to build air conditioning technology and clean rooms for the manufacturing industry that are precisely tailored to the individual needs. As a dynamic company we stand for the shortest delivery times on the market. More than 250 clean- and dryroom projects 25 years experience in building systems with special climate- and cleanroom requirements!

Products/services: Development, production and assembly of industrial and process plants in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and cleanroom technology. The strength lies in special plant construction and turnkey system solutions.

Software Engineering / 2D,3D Design / Control Technology Manufacturing of Industrial Equipment: - Air Conditioing and Refrigeration Units - Process Cooling Systems - Drying Units - Clean Rooms - Printrooms - Drying Rooms - Air Treatment Systems - Assembly Rooms Turn Key Projects and Special Construction Equipment

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Business segments

  • Buildings & Rooms: Planning, Project controlling/-management, Facilities, Doors, Ceilings, Walls, Floor, Light, Lock, air shower, Standard-, operating-parts, valves, connectors, ..., Assembly, Turnkey, Renting/Leasing, Modular rooms, Cabins, Minienvironment, Softwall cabins, Sauberraum
  • Building technology: Air, Air conditioning, Filter
  • Furnishing & equipment: Pass-through, Flow box, EDP, Hardware, Software
  • Monitoring & Measurement: Applications, Particles, Temperature, Pressure
  • Hygiene & Cleaning: Cleaning | procedures, devices, agents, media (Wipers, Swaps,...)
  • Service: Consulting, Measurement, Maintenance, Upkeep
  • Production & Procedure: Workbench, Automation

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